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APS3 the Advanced Power Steering Controller

APS3 is a family of inverters that can function and operate in a stand-alone steering system or as a part of an overall CANopen based vehicle system.
Quality and reliability
Features a rugged design suitable for the most demanding environments. Protected against the ingress of dust and water to an IP65 rating.
Exact flexibility
The logic platform offers unparalleled flexibility in software customization, as well as adherence to demanding functional safety requirements.
Safety certified

To ensure sustainable functional safety and electrical safety both on-road and off-road, we work according to the latest standards used in the industry.


Security and safety are key! We use best-practice cybersecurity management according to established standards, we stay up to date and vigilant!


APS3 Inverters



The 3rd generation Advanced Power Steering (APS) controller has been meticulously engineered to fulfill the requirements set forth by the European standards for functional safety. The APS directly interfaces a variety of steering input devices and motor types. It can function and operate in a stand-alone steering system, or as a part of an overall CAN open-based vehicle system. The product range covers a wide variety of vehicle applications including Class 1, 2, and 3 lift trucks.

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  • Rugged design suitable for the demanding environment of electric vehicles. Protected against ingress of dust and water to IP65
  • Software quality by software development according to Automotive Spice ©
  • Software platform allows extensive functional customizations for optimal integration in target vehicle, without compromising safety supervision functionality
  • Primary ARM processor and operating system allows parallel execution of customized vehicle and motor control tasks
  • Second ARM processor for redundant supervision according to ISO13849-1, category 3
  • Extensive and powerful event handling and data logging simplifies troubleshooting and minimizes vehicle down time
  • Supports AC induction, AC synchronous and brushless DC motors
  • Small physical size with flat heat sink for flexible integration
  • High side output with dual switches controlled by main and supervision functions for redundant execution of safety function
  • Integrated CAN bus with support for diagnostics and software download
  • Industry standard CANopen protocol for reliable communication in the vehicle
  • Dual redundant CAN nodes for distributed system architectures


Motor type

Induction AC, synchronous AC, brushless DC


CANopen 125, 250, 400, 500, 800 & 1000 kbps

Switching frequency

8 kHz (optional 12 & 16 kHz)

Operating stator frequency

0-250 Hz

Control mode

Steering wheel/tiller steering modes (pos. speed or current motor control)

I/O Connector

AMP SEAL 35-pin


3 digital inputs pull-down, 1 digital input pull-up, 2 analog inputs,

1 high side input


3 open drain outputs 2A, 1 open drain outputs 0.1A, 1 high side output

Supported motor feedback devices

Dual incremental encoder, analog sin-cos, UWV (6-step)

Supported steering input devices

Dual incremental encoder, analog sin-cos or PWM steering wheel sensors. Stepper motor.

Power Connector

M5 screw

Operating temperature

-40°C to + 55°C (-40°F to +131°F)

Storage temperature

-40°C to +70°C (-40°F to +158°F), ambient humidity of 95%

Protection class



UL 583 and EC declaration of incorporation of partly completed machinery according to EN1175-1.




Nominal DC supply voltage

Rated RMS current
(S2, 2min)*

Rated RMS current
(S2, 1h)**

Rated power
(S2, 2min)*

Rated power
(S2, 1h)**


24 V

70 A

30 A

2.1 kVA

0.88 kVA


24 V

80 A (90 A peak***)

40 A

2.6 kVA

1.2 kVA


36 V

70 A

30 A

3.1 kVA

1.3 kVA


36 V

80 A (90 A peak***)

40 A

4.0 kVA

1.8 kVA


48 V

70 A

30 A

4.1 kVA

1.8 kVA


80 V

40 A

20 A

3.9 kVA

2.0 kVA


*2 minute rating at 8 kHz switching frequency and 25ºC ambient temperature
**1h rating at 8 kHz switching frequency and 40ºC ambient temperature
***24L and 36L peak current only for short time i.e. boost in 30 sec


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