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In-region, For-region

To be close to our customers have many benefits. 

In-region, For-region

We have a strong belief that, in order to serve global OEMs, we must also have a global footprint to ensure our customers get rapid response and support. Inmotion has therefore invested heavily in our global presence for engineering and applications support, as well as for product manufacturing capabilities in the main industrial regions.

Global Co-engineering

Inmotion sales and application centers in Stockholm, Blacksburg, Shanghai, Tokyo and Seoul have sales and application resources dedicated to the region, that work closely with our OEM customers during both the development and maintenance phases of their vehicle's life cycle. Together with Zapi, we also have sales and application centers in Poviglio, Saint-Erblon and Shropshire (covering UK and India).

We are happy to function as a component supplier, working towards the customer's requirement specification, but we are also willing and able to take an active role in defining the integration between Inmotion products and the vehicle system, even to the extent where Inmotion proposes and realizes a comprehensive control system for the entire vehicle.

Global Manufacturing

Our commitment to continuous improvements in landed cost, lead time, and on-time delivery has lead us to adopt a global strategy, manufacturing our products in the region they are used.

Our products are designed with multiple assembly locations in mind. Products are owned and controlled out of one design center (currently Stockholm for power electronics and Blacksburg for motors), as are the production equipment and production processes. The standardized and revision controlled production cells can then be replicated in multiple facilities without compromising the quality and reliability of our products. The design center keeps continuous watch over quality trends and is responsible for the implementation of countermeasures to product issues, in design or in process improvements.

Advantages of in-region, for-region manufacturing include:

  • Lower shipping and duty cost
  • Shorter lead times
  • Lower CO2 emissions (from freight)
  • Less capital bound in products en route and in safety stocks
  • No re-working of consignment stocks in case of quality issues


Inmotion Locations

  Europe Stockholm, Sweden
  • Sales & Application Center Europe
  • Design center power electronics
  • Manufacturing of power electronics
Berching, Germany
  • Manufacturing of motors
  America Blacksburg, VA, USA
  • Sales & application center North America
  • Design center motors
  • Manufacturing of power electronics
  • Manufacturing of motors
Sao Paolo, Brazil
  • Sales & application center Brazil
  Asia Tianjin, China
  • Manufacturing of power electronics
  • Manufacturing of motors
Shanghai, China
  • Sales & application center China
Tokyo, Japan
  • Sales & application center Japan
Seoul, Korea
  • Sales & application center Korea


Inmotion and ZAPI Locations

  Europe and India

Poviglio, Italy
  • Sales & application center Italy
Saint-Erblon, France
  • Sales & application center France
Shropshire, England
  • Sales & application center England and India



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