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Electric Construction

RSM Electric Motors

Rugged brushless, flexible designed PMAC motor for use in a variety of  applications
Quality and reliability
Superior design and outstanding manufacturing processes. Rugged design suitable for the demanding environment. Protected against ingress of dust and water to IP65
Exact flexibility
The logic platform offers unparalleled flexibility in software customization, as well as adherence to demanding functional safety requirements.
Safety certified

To ensure sustainable functional safety and electrical safety both on-road and off-road, we work according to the latest standards used in the industry.


Security and safety are key! We use best-practice cybersecurity management according to established standards, we stay up to date and on our toes!

RSM no background

The RSM Motor

RSM is a family of motors with power levels from 3 to 15 kW for system voltages between 36V and 96V. The RSM is designed with hydraulic pump applications in mind which makes it an ideal choice for most battery-powered or hybrid electric vehicles / equipment

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  • Best-in-class quality and reliability, achieved through superior design and world-class manufacturing processes
  • The rugged design is suitable for the demanding environment of vehicles. Protected against ingress of dust and water
  • Customizable mechanical interface The RSM motors can easily be adapted for different gearboxes, pumps or other mechanical interfaces
  • Sin/Cos position feedback Sin/Cos feedback is included as the standard type of motor position feedback
  • Very high efficiency The PMAC-motor design gives superior efficiency compared to DC, PMDC and induction motors. The RSM motors are specifically designed to give high efficiency over a wide usable speed and torque range, and not only at a single load point





Stack Length:

60 mm

240 mm

Rated Torque (S2 2 min)

13 Nm

146 Nm

Power (S2 60min)

4 kW

16 kW





1000 rpm
Rated torque
(S2 2 min)

1500 rpm
Rated torque
(S2 2 min)

2500 rpm
Rated torque
(S2 2 min)


3500 rpm
Rated torque
(S2 2 min)


(S2 2 min)

RSM 170-60

33 Nm

30 Nm

 18 Nm

13 Nm

5 kW


64 Nm

60 Nm

34 Nm

25 Nm

7 kW

RSM 170-170

81 Nm

81 Nm

68 Nm

47 Nm

12 kW

RSM 170-200

118  Nm

117   Nm

90  Nm

60 Nm

115 kW


146  Nm

144 Nm

92  Nm

62 Nm

15 kW


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