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Light vehicles

Our AC motors and inverters offer an exceptionally low life-cycle cost for any vehicle.
Why Inmotion

More than just hardware

Inmotion’s products for light vehicles give OEM's the advantage of standard products, short delivery times and low costs while maintaining the highly configurable platform all our products offer.
Modification of our standard products to match your requirements is what we call co-engineering. Our flexibility even extends to our ability to adjust our production capacity in cooperation with you.
  • Co-engineering
  • Dedicated product support
  • Regional production to be near you
  • Local requirements


Sub-system electrification

Electrification of vehicles is not limited to changing the main traction system to be fully or partly driven by electric machines. Electrifying Auxiliary-systems is an easy way to gain some of the benefits without having to invest in a full hybrid or electric solution

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