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Electric Truck


The easy-to-use, one click connect, full vehicle diagnostics, and configuration tool.

Software that lets you configure CANopen-based systems

Service version

The service version, limited in access with less risk of making mistakes, provides functions for download of application software to vehicles and monitoring of vehicle status. 

Configurator version

Besides the functions in the service version the configurator version, for advanced users, also provides functions for addition and deletion of nodes, and for the configuration of variables and parameters. This includes setting of upper and lower limits for parameter values when a ServiceTool file is opened in the service version.

ServiceTool has three main functions

  • Multi-node download of application software to a vehicle

  • Multi-node configuration of variables and parameters in the application software

  • Multi-node monitoring of the vehicle status


Just to get you started

We have made a set of video tutorials to get you up and running with the ServiceTool in no time. Have a look


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