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Heavy Equipment

ACH High Voltage Motor Controllers

Whether your vehicles go on the road or off-road, the rugged design of the ACH ensures a reliable performance without the need for maintenance. All ACH models are available with CAN bus communication.

Quality and reliability
Features a rugged design suitable for the most demanding environments. Protected against the ingress of dust and water to an IP6K9K rating.
Exact flexibility
The logic platform offers unparalleled flexibility in software customization, as well as adherence to demanding functional safety requirements.
Safety certified

To ensure sustainable functional safety and electrical safety both on-road and off-road, we work according to the latest standards used in the industry.


Security and safety are key! We use best-practice cybersecurity management according to established standards, we stay up to date and vigilant!

Powerful flexibility

The ACH comes in two sizes: Medium and Large and both versions are available in the 350 V - 650 V or 450 V - 850V range.

ACH M Inverter

ACH35M30 and ACH65M30



Inmotion's ACH M is a family of inverters/motor controllers with power levels from 100 to 250 kVA, designed for nominal voltages between 350 V and 700 V. The ACH is developed with traction, hydraulic pump and generator applications in mind, which makes it an ideal choice for hybrid or battery-powered electric vehicles and machines.

ACH35L70 and ACH65L50



.The ACH L is based on the ACH M and is scaled up to power levels from 150 to 400 kVA, designed for nominal voltages between 350 V and 700 V. The ACH L is developed with traction and generator applications in mind, which makes it an ideal choice for hybrid or battery-powered electric vehicles and machines where high power levels are required.

ACH L Inverter
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  • Rugged IP6K9K design suitable for the demanding environment of electric vehicles
  • 4-quadrant, synchronous or asynchronous AC motor control, with speed, torque and DC-voltage control modes
  • Field proven control SW platform used for on-highway and off- highway vehicles
  • Software quality is assured through development and review processes designed for compliance with Automotive SPICE©
  • CAN communication, J1939 and/or CANopen with support for diagnostics and software download
  • With continuous power levels up to 300 kVA, the ACH is ideally suited for hybrid as well as fully electric vehicle applications
  • Nominal voltage 350 and 650 V. Fully operational from 100 to 750 V bus voltage
  • Liquid (WEG) cooled
  • Automatic protection against overheating and over-voltage
  • Redundant Discharge of DC-capacitors
  • Internal EMI filtering of the dc-bus eliminates interference with other electronic equipment and allows parallel operation of several ACH controllers
  • Powerful standard firmware features as well as extensive software configurability ensures optimal system functionality
  • Designed for working life in excess of 60 000 hours
  • Extensive and powerful event handling and data logging simplifies troubleshooting and minimizes vehicle down time
  • Interlock for personal safety
  • Optional adapter kit for pre-assembly of shielded high voltage cables



Compatible motor types

Induction machines, PMAC, Sync. reluctance

Motor feedback types

Resolver or incremental encoder/analog (sin-cos)

Control mode

Torque, speed or dc voltage control


CAN (J1939, CANopen)


Logic connector

TE Leavyseal

Power connectors M8 cable lugs

Nominal WEG coolant temp/flow

60 °C @ 20l/min

Ambient operating temperature

-40 °C to 85 °C


High voltage safety

According to ECE R100


According to ECE R10



Nominal DC voltage 350 V
Full current available at 100 - 450 V


Nominal DC voltage 650 V
Full current available at 100 - 750 V




Nominal Voltage DC

Peak current*

Cont. current**

Peak power***

Cont. power***


350 V



137 kVA

96 kVA




299 kVA

172 kVA


350 V



137 kVA

96 kVA

650 V

255 kVA

179 kVA


350 V



214 kVA

161 kVA

650 V

398 kVA

299 kVA


* 60 sec rating

** At coolant temp 60 °C (140 °F), Ambient temp 85 °C (185 °F), and Switching frequency 4 kHz

*** At nominal DC bus voltage


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