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ACS Inverters

The 7th generation ACS Inverters

AC Superdrive (ACS) is a family of inverters/motor controllers with power levels from 4 to 80 kVA, designed for nominal voltages between 24 V and 96 V.
Quality and reliability

Features a rugged design suitable for the most demanding environments. Protected against the ingress of dust and water to an IP65 rating.

Exact flexibility
The logic platform offers unparalleled flexibility in software customization, as well as adherence to demanding functional safety requirements.
Safety first

To ensure sustainable functional safety and electrical safety both on-road and off-road, we work according to the latest standards used in the industry.


Security and safety are key! We use best-practice cybersecurity management according to established standards, we stay up to date and vigilant!

The 7th generation


AC Superdrive (ACS) is a family of inverters/motor controllers with power levels from 4 to 80 kVA , designed for nominal voltages between 24 V and 96 V. The ACS is developed with traction, hydraulic pump and generator applications in mind which makes it an ideal choice for most battery-powered electric vehicles.
ACS GEN7 all stacked without W combi
ACS Gen6 family


The 6th generation of ACS motor controllers has been designed with traction, hydraulic pump and generator applications in mind. Developed to fulfill the tough requirements of today’s electrified machinery.
ACS inverters
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ACS is a flexible standard platform
  • Power levels 4-80 kVA and nominal voltages 24-96 V
  • Supports AC induction, AC synchronous and brushless DC motors
  • Standard firmware with extensive configurability and an application layer for vehicle specific functionality
  •  Auto tuning functionality for pairing the controller with a motor already installed in a vehicle
  • Support for traction, pump or generator applications including functions such as hill-hold, programmable braking/acceleration characteristics and dual traction
  • Software quality is assured through development processes in compliance with Automotive SPICE© and ISO 13849-1
  • CAN communication, J1939 and/or CANopen (slave or master) with support for diagnostics and software download

Monitoring of operation for optimal performance

  • I/O version allows vehicle control to reside in the ACS, directly interfacing vehicle sensors and actuators 
  • State-of-the-art vector control with optimal efficiency throughout the full speed range

Safety and protection

  • Dual CPUs and dual feedback channels for redundant cross monitoring and supervision allows ISO13849-1, category 3 and category 2 implementation of safety functions to achieve PL = c/d
  • Limitation of the output as a function of motor speed, motor and controller temperature, battery voltage, DC power, DC current and/or motor torque to protect powertrain components.



Compatible motor types:

Induction AC, PMAC, Sync. Reluctance, Brushless DC

Motor feedback types:

Incremental encoder, sin/cos or PWM

Control mode:

Speed (rpm), Torque (Nm), Current (ARMS) or Voltage (VDC)


CAN (J1939, CANopen)

Protection class:



Logic connector:

AMP SEAL 23-pin or AMP SEAL 35-pin




Nominal Voltage

Rated current
S2, 2 min

Rated current
S2, 1 h

Rated power
S2, 2 min

Rated power
S2, 1 h


24 - 48 V DC

180 - 240

90 - 120

7 - 11 kVA

4 - 5 kVA


24 - 48 V DC

280 – 350

120 - 150

10 - 17 kVA

4 - 7 kVA

ACS M / M Dual

24 - 96 V DC

230 - 550

180 - 275

16 - 47 kVA

8 - 21 kVA


48 - 96 V DC

500 - 900


41 - 82 kVA

21 - 41 kVA


Download datasheet

ACS Gen7

Download datasheet

ACS Gen6


Do you have any questions?

The ACS Gen 7 is a family of inverters we take great pride in. We'll gladly talk to you about them (or any of our other products) and answer questions you might have. We are just an email away so don't hesitate to contact us!